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 Are you looking for a dynamic, funny, action packed informative speaker
for your special events?

Then look no further.


All of the customized keynote presentations are exciting, motivational programs to fit your specific audience needs and concerns. As a matter of fact, many clients are so pleased and satisfied, they schedule Bruce again and again, year after year.
A) Humor Therapy Seminars:
A dynamic presentation to help reduce stress, fatigue, & job burnout. Designed to teach how to defuse tension filled situations, and implement better relationships through the use of humor. Loaded with lots of laughter and lots of substance to help increase productivity & cohesiveness. (90 minute or 1/2 day presentation)
B) Strategic Marketing Concepts:
Practical cutting edge advertising & marketing ideas you can implement immediately. This seminar helps you to reduce expensive advertising, and helps you increase your marketing response. Private consultations, developing advertising design, layout, and learning to write effective copy are available. (90 minute or 1/2 day presentation)
C) Secrets To Being A Better Leader:
An excellent seminar for any group. Communicates to the average leader how to implement better leadership skills by maximizing the right tools: proper persuasion, excellent education, energetic action, & common sense knowledge. (90 minute or 1/2 day presentation)
D) Customized Presentations:

Utilize Bruce's distinctive style to communication. Let him customize and put together a customized presentation for your group. This does require an advance notice.


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