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Make your next event the most impressive, memorable experience ever!

Who would think of contacting an amazing magician for a keynote seminar presentation? Only someone who thinks out of the box and wants to bring their seminar to life!
Anyone who has seen Alex “Bruce” Dicker perform as a keynote speaker, a stage illusions magician, or at a magician trade show will tell you that Bruce has a special talent for delivering a message that makes a point in a humorous manner that captures full attention, excites and motivates audiences.
There are many corporate magicians for hire, but few have the expertise to deliver a keynote presentation to a professional audience. Bruce is a Wisconsin magician whose keynote presentations address real topics combined with illusion and humor to keep the audience interested and energized. Nothing keeps audiences more participative than an expert stage illusions magician – an amazing magician like Bruce!
Following are a few of Bruce’s most commonly requested seminar and keynote options. Of course, he is more than willing to customize his presentation to meet your needs!
Humor Therapy Seminar Presentation
Time: 90 minutes or ½ day
This is a dynamic presentation that reduces stress, fatigue and job burnout. It is designed to teach techniques that defuse tension filled situations and implement better relationships through the use of humor. The presentation is loaded with lots of laughter AND lots of substance to increase productivity and cohesiveness in the workplace!
Strategic Marketing Concepts
Time: 90 minutes or ½ day
Don’t hold another hum-drum marketing seminar! Have a strategic marketing seminar with flair! Bruce’s strategic marketing concepts include practical cutting edge advertising and marketing ideas in a captivating way that prevents dozing through the highlights! The material in seminar will help to reduce expensive advertising and increase marketing response. Private consultations for developing advertising design and layout and learning to write effective copy are also available.

Secrets to Being a Better Leader
Time: 90 minutes or ½ day
“I’m their leader, which way did they go?!!!” Leadership is a complicated process that requires a lot of personal development, but leadership seminars are often the most boring. This is an incredible seminar presentation for any group. It communicates to the average leader how to implement better leadership skills by maximizing use of the right tools, proper persuasion, excellent education, energetic action and common sense knowledge.
Customized Presentations
Bruce’s distinctive style of communication is extremely powerful in delivering any message and he is able to quickly pick up on material you want delivered in your seminar and transform it into an engaging experience for your audience. Advance notice is required; however, you can have an incredible presentation completely customized to make the most of your seminar or training session!

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