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Make your next event the most impressive, memorable experience ever!

What is a magician trade show anyway?

Plain and simple, a magician trade show is a trade show event featuring an amazing magician that draws visitors to your trade show booth in droves, demands their attention, increases leads and creates name recognition for your company!

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you have probably experienced the “Scoop Mentality” where people walk around, totally oblivious to your and your products or services. They rush through your booth filling their goody bags, grabbing all the freebies they can and they leave without another thought of YOU, YOUR COMPANY, or YOUR products and services.

We strive so hard to be so different from everyone else in the real business world, and then we go to a trade show and we are all just alike! In “Sales and Marketing Management”, Maurice Edwards writes:

“A successful Trade Show Exhibit should have something going on in it. It must give the potential buyers a REASON to stop and look, and then maybe listen. A dramatic display won’t do it alone.”

When you have a fancy booth with some give-away items, occasionally someone will stop by, ask a few questions and you might even get an isolated sales lead or two, but this is an extremely frustrating, out-dated, ancient, knuckle busting method of trying to attract attention and boost interest in your booth.

An amazing magician performing sleight-of-the-hand magic and comically introducing you, your company, your products and your services at your magician trade show booth will not only attract attention, it will encourage people to hang around, to hear what the incredible performer has to say and to tell everyone they see, “You’ve got to check out the your company name booth over there on isle three.”

Corporate magicians for hire can certainly help to attract attention; but Alex “Bruce” Dicker, Wisconsin magician is not only a stage illusions magician and a hysterically funny comedian, he is also a sales and marketing master that can present your company, products and services in an entertaining and captivating way that will make your magician trade show booth the hit of the trade show!

Face it, poorly attended ‘dead’ boots cost you a lot of man hours, headaches and MONEY, so why not take the worry out of your trade show investment and let an incredible Sales Entertainer, a talented sales and marketing guru and professional product presenter put your trade show booth in the spotlight?

Bruce will deliver a LIVE, memorable demonstration that will:

? Attract Attention
? Create Interest
? Boost Traffic Flow
? Secure Follow-Up Leads
? Increase Name Identity
? Spotlight Your Company’s Name and Logo
? And . . . Double or Even Quadruple Hot Leads!

Bruce can tie your company’s distinct message into a customized demonstration and present it several times throughout the day. The benefits and features of YOUR products and services are the dominant key and leading ingredients in all the demonstrations.

People that visit your booth will remember the name of your company and what you offer. NOTHING is more effective than a magician trade show presentation in a trade show atmosphere.

“A live show with a professional demonstrating your product, is the most effective means of communication; It MAXIMIZES your results!” ~ Bob Kennedy, The Production Co.
Here is some absolute proof from some of Bruce’s happy clients:

"We appreciated the way you got our name out there. Many of the show attendants commented on what a great job you did. The show was a great success."

"We certainly enjoyed having you do the live presentation. You were able to draw some nice sized crowds to our booth."

"Thank you very much for performing at our booth. You did a great job of incorporating the features and benefits of our company's services. We have made 3 sales from the 4 contacts, and have many more appointments yet to make."

"Our name and products were presented in a favorable light. We would recommend you to anyone looking to maximize their show effectiveness."

"We were impressed with the way you wove our M&I products into your presentation. You did a wonderful job involving the crowd. We would recommend your services to everyone we know!"

Just remember what Clement Stone said, "If you have nothing to lose by trying, and a great deal to gain if successful, by all means try!"
Time is of the essence and Bruce’s calendar fills up very quickly. If you want a successful Trade Show, then go to the phone right now and call:


P.S. SALES MEETINGS & NEW PRODUCT PROMOTIONS can benefit from specifically custom tailored shows to highlight, accentuate, and emphasize your products/services benefits & features. Don't just have another boring meeting, have a spectacular one. We can add a little pizzazz by actually producing your CEO, or a model demonstrating your product. These presentations are applicable to ANY product or service. TIME: 15 minutes - 40 minutes

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